Please stop everything you’re doing and gaze upon these shoes.

Posted by on 12 Jun, 2007

mj.jpg How do we love them? Let’s count the ways.
1. They’re python.
2. They’re bronze, which is gold with a dash of sexy.
3. They’re Marc Jacobs.
3. They’re majorly on sale, and making us frantically find room in our monthly Utterly Amazing Shoes You Need to Buy Right Now budget.

We’re forever grateful for the Budget Fashionista, not just for her commitment to fabulousness without breaking the bank, but for the fact that she led us to these amazing shoes. Without her fantastic list of the Best Online Stores to Find Discount Designer Fashion, we wouldn’t have been inspired to visit our old friend and stumble upon these made-for-Bridezilla masterpieces of footwear. Thank you, Budget Fashionista. You have done us a great service today.
We’d also like to thank Marc Jacobs, but mostly just for existing. While we’re firmly anti-tattooing yourself with a guy’s name, he makes us understand the urge.

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