Diamonds Are For…a Fairly Long Time


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round.jpg Bridezillas are all about upgrading – whether that’s from economy class to first, or from DKNY to just-off-the-runway Donna Karan, we can’t help wanting every possible pricy improvement. So why did it never occur to us that you could upgrade wedding rings?

Sure, our secret sentimental side was pinged at first. Give up our wedding ring? Sure, after you pry it from our cold, dead claws. But then we gave the matter some perspective:
1. It’s bigger.
2. It’s sparklier.
3. Not only is it sparkly, it’s sparkly and new. That’s one of our favorite combinations.
Even the trade-in becomes bearable when you realize that adding in the resale of your first ring means adding an extra carat or two. Besides, you can’t wear two wedding rings at once!
And if your current ring leaves something to be desired (like the aforementioned carats)? Just look at it this way: if that’s what two months’ salary gets you now, imagine what it’ll get you after a few years and a few raises and promotions. It may not get you the three stone Tiffany ring up there, but it might get you to the single digits from the fractions in terms of carat weight.

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