The Beauty of Bold Bridesmaids

Posted by on 27 Feb, 2011


There is a super quick trick to ensuring your most glowing, ethereal self shines through on the big day – make sure your bridesmaids look gorgeous.  When it comes time to take your place at the front of the aisle you should be surrounded by the women you love the most in your life and their radiance comes through not only on their faces, but through their style.

For the fashion-forward bridezilla, unique bridesmaids are essential.  Instead of following the tried and true route of picking dresses from the bridesmaid section, skip it altogether and find fun party frocks or elegant evening gowns.  Remember, your girls are a reflection of you (you did choose them after all).  When they look amazing, you look phenomenal.  Find divine bridesmaid inspiration in these glamorous red carpet gowns.  Be brave – break the mold and go bold.


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  1. On 01 Mar, 2011, Audrey said:

    These are some great inspirational ideas- bridesmaids should look fabulous afterall!

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    • On 01 Mar, 2011, Bridezilla said:

      I completely agree! Even just choosing a color theme and letting the bridesmaids choose their own dresses can create a beautiful and modern bridal party.

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  2. On 07 Mar, 2011, Sabina said:

    I would wear that blue dress if I were a bridesmaid for one of my friends…I love that dress

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    • On 07 Mar, 2011, Bridezilla said:

      The best part, I’m sure most bridesmaids would be willing to spend money on a gorgeous dress they loved and could wear again.

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  3. On 14 Mar, 2011, Prosklitiria Giota said:

    With those dresses, bridesmaids can steal all the attention!

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    • On 15 Mar, 2011, Bridezilla said:

      It’s usually pretty hard to miss the big, white wedding dress in the room. But if the bride chooses to wear a non-traditional dress and picks equally non-traditional dresses for her bridesmaids, dresses that might all compete for attention, I can see your point. If that were the case though, I’d have to give the bride a standing ovation for her incredible self-confidence.

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