In Love with Billowy Ball Gowns


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The classic ball gown will always and forever be a beautiful balance of over-the-top drama and delicate femininity.  With a full gown that only works to enhance that lovely hourglass figure, a ball gown for brides brings a sense of whimsy to any affair.  A frothy dress can heighten the mood of a Marie Antoinette-inspired wedding or lend a flair of eccentric dreaminess to an otherwise small and simple courthouse “I do.”  Whether in traditional white or all shades of bright, you can make a bridal ball gown work for any ceremony.


2 thoughts on “In Love with Billowy Ball Gowns”

    • A ballgown is actually quite traditional if done in white, however, I’m all for dressing exactly how you want be it avant garde or tried and true.


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