The Bridezilla Guide to De-Stressing

Posted by on 06 Apr, 2007

It’s not easy being Bridezilla! From the scheduled-to-the-bathroom- break calendar to your bipolar bridesmaids, what’s a Bridezilla to do? The shooting range may prove wickedly soothing, but the best Bridezillas arrive at the altar free of disorderly conduct charges and refreshed and ready for their vows. Here are a few tips on how to soothe Bridezillas on the brink.

tea.jpg Put down the Red Bull, and pick up the chamomile! We know that until 36 hour days come into vogue, energy drinks can be a girl’s saving grace. They let you stay awake through eight hours of work, four hours of shopping, two hours with the wedding planner, and one hour on the elliptical for thighs of steel-whew, we’re wiped just writing about it! But when it comes to relaxing elixirs, turns out Granny Agnes knew best! When your mind won’t stop racing, counteract that caffeine with a nice cup of organic chamomile tea (just don’t add Scotch like she did).
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candle.jpg Light something on fire! But since arson is so last season, make sure it’s a scented candle or two. These classy candles in (what else?) bitter orange come in a gorgeous set of four. They’ll look fabulous set up around your bath or on the table next to you as you settle in for a good session of obituary reading, aka “apartment hunting” for you and your groom’s new love nest!
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masque.jpg Bridezilla is only as good as she looks! One of the great ironies of a Bridezilla’s life is that when you most need to look your best, the stress makes your skin look its worst. Prevent that from happening with a hydrating face mask. This nourishing number removes any unwanted dry patches (even Bridezillas just say no to scaliness) and refresh you for a blemish-free Big Day! Remember, your wedding is the prime time to put your best (and most photogenic) face forward.
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Still stressed? A true Bridezilla knows the best way to find solace is to rely on her loyal entourage – so call up your fiance and request that he come over and help you relieve tension. A foot massage in the near future never fails to perk a girl up!

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  1. On 09 Apr, 2007, Chris said:

    I absolutely LIVE for chamomile tea. I had no idea there were cool teabags like that with actual loose tea… looks to be pretty high quality stuff.
    I have problems eating sometimes, and it works wonders to settle my stomach. Perfect for those Bridezilla jitters maybe?

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  2. On 12 Feb, 2010, Denise @ Raw Brides said:

    Can I add – Bridezilla’s absolutely need to eat healthily. It helps with the nerves, weight loss (if that’s their goal) and gives them energy too.
    I went on a raw food diet to lose weight for my wedding – almost 10kgs so far and counting is by eating real, fresh food wherever possible. For me that was a salad with EVERY meal, fruit for snacks and then making fresh juices with my blender and juicer.
    I didn’t put ANYTHNG off limits, but as I started putting healthy stuff in, then the ratio changed naturally overtime – I was eating McDonald’s and Pizza Hut pretty obsessively before, now I don’t even think of it.
    Just a shameless plug for my website – it’s inspiration for women who want to look fabulous for their wedding day and beyond by eating fresh healthy food and changing the way they feel about their bodies.

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