The Secret Day of the Week That All Wedding Planners Are Talking About

Posted by on 25 Jul, 2007


No, a special day of the week just for weddings hasn’t been invented yet (although it should be; in fact, let’s just make the wedding date a national holiday and be done with it), but consider a day that isn’t Friday or Saturday, that erstwhile third day of the weekend so often reserved for hangovers and America’s Next Top Model marathons on the couch. You should have a Sunday wedding, and we’re going to tell you why.

It’s available. So you’ve tried all three of your top wedding venues, and they’re all booked Friday and Saturday for the date of your choice. Call again – it’s way more likely that you’ll be able to book a venue on a Sunday than trying to compete with traditional Friday or Saturday wedding days. If you’re open to getting married on a Sunday, your venue options will open right up, so you can get that Four Seasons grand ballroom in June rather than settling for a mid-winter ceremony at Best Western.
It’s cheaper. Of course we love expensive things – we’re Bridezillas! But when you get expensive things for less than you’d normally pay for them, that means you can afford even more expensive things, right? Take advantage of the fact that you’re getting married on an off day, and you may find that your venue will offer a special Sunday package that’ll save you enough to upgrade your wedding heels from Via Spigas to Manolos. Some wedding photographers offer bargains as well, so if you’re not sure, ask.
Mimosas, mimosas, mimosas. Sunday is also the day for brunching, so take advantage of that little fact and skip the sit-down steak tartare plates for light early afternoon fare (like tasty salads and omelets) and multiple bottles of champagne and fresh OJ. If that’s too fifties for you, go for delicious peach bellinis or sexy cocktail upstart rossinis made of champagne and whisked strawberries.

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