A Photographer's Secrets for Flattering Wedding Pictures!


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Our fave new wedding photog Lara Hogan reveals the secrets to amazingly flattering bridal pictures.

Lara: As a bride-to-be, I’ve practiced lots of poses in front of the mirror. On my wedding day I’ll put my trust into the hands of my photographers and pray that they’ll make me look great. But what can you do to ensure you look your best for the camera? Read on for five inside tips to help you work those wedding day photos!

1) Move your shoulders back. You’re wearing an exceptionally heavy dress and uncomfortable heels so it’s easy to forget to stand up straight. But good posture is a key to looking thinner and more beautiful! Bringing your shoulders back is a simple way to have good posture and still look natural.
2) Shift your weight to one leg or the other. Don’t stand parallel to the camera, but switch things up by putting one leg back and placing all your weight on it. It’ll make the front leg look more graceful and your body shape will flow better. This is a good one for the guys, too. For the rat pack effect, every guy should put the same leg back and their weight on it and then look away from the camera like they’re above it all.
3) Turn so you’re angled towards the camera. Having your shoulders square to the photographer can be boring and unflattering! Check out photos from the red carpet-celebrities know that by turning their body to a 45-degree angle they look slimmer and it spices things up. Turn your head (not your body) to face the lens and bam! Thinner waist, smooth lines and a bustier profile.
4) Keep your chin out. If you’re uncomfortable, you’ve gone too far; your chin should stay away from your neck but not out like a bird. This prevents the dreaded double chin. If you’re particularly concerned about it, ask your photographer to shoot from higher up rather than on eye-level with you. It’ll bring your chin away from your neck as you look up at him or her.
5) Don’t press your arms against your sides. Hold your flowers slightly away from you and keep your elbows bent. If it’s just the two of you, bring your hand up to delicately caress your partner’s head. It’s all about allowing your arms to be away from your body so they don’t get flattened against it. Same thing for your legs-if you’re sitting, cross your legs at your ankles. If they’re crossed at the knees your calves might look wider than they actually are.
Lara’s Bridezilla Bonus Tip: Most importantly, smile big. Ask your friends whether or not your smile-with-teeth is better than your tight-lipped-smile; nine times out of ten your big toothy grin is where it’s at. You’re the bride- look happy! If you think your face is feeling too tense or your smile too fake, take a minute and shake it out. Just the thought of shaking your face should make you smile naturally again!
Lara Hogan is the President and Lead Photographer of a A Softer Image LLC. Her company provides non-traditional wedding photography in the Washington DC area. Shooting Bridezillas is her specialty, hee hee!

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