When Is A Tiara Too Much?

Posted by on 24 May, 2007

tiara.jpg We can appreciate a tiara as well as anybody, if not more – we’ve rocked them from playing dress-up to playing prom queen. The temptation is great to bring that tradition all the way to the altar, but it is a look you can pull off or should you leave it aside? The way we figure it, there are two ways you can go with a tiara. If your wedding fits one of these profiles, then consider yourself crowned!

Princess wedding: If your wedding dress has more lace and sequins than a fabric shop and your wedding transportation is a horse-drawn carriage, you’re probably aiming for a princess wedding. So why not go all out? If you can’t have your ceremony in a castle (or even if you can), make sure everyone knows who reigns over this wedding by topping your updo with a sparkling tiara. The more glitter, the better – if your guests aren’t temporarily blinded, darling, you’re not sufficiently bejeweled.
Simple wedding: Going in the opposite direction from a princess wedding? If your idea of a fine wedding is barefoot on the beach or the grass, and your wedding dress is a simple strapless number, give your look a little sparkle with a tiara. Pearled tiaras are just as lovely, adding a smooth shine to your hair. With a simple dress, you can also consider letting your hair down, perhaps with some soft curls hitting your shoulders and the tiara keeping your hair neatly tucked behind your ears.
No matter how you wear it, your tiara should make a statement, and that statement should be “Look at me, I’m the bride!” If you can’t go around giving orders like a proper monarch, at least wear the best part of the uniform with a gorgeous tiara as your main accessory.
Image and tiara by GlamGal Designs.

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  1. On 24 May, 2007, Katie said:

    Love the post. And I agree about making a statement!

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  2. On 04 Aug, 2008, Sadie said:

    Er, always…

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  3. On 30 Aug, 2010, Tiara Time said:

    It depends on the person and how elegant you want the wedding to be – sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

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