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asiatic.gif You’re putting a lot of thought into every other aspect of your wedding – why not the bridal bouquet, too? Skip traditional roses and baby’s breath and catch attention with a bridal bouquet that’ll go down in history. Well, okay, reflect history at least. Consult the Dictionary of Flowers for information on what certain types of flowers represent, or take a look at Bridezilla’s favorite flowers for ideas on how to put together the fiercest bouquet.

Asiatic Lilies: Don’t just stop at the tiara – carry a bouquet of multi-colored Asiatic Lilies representing majesty. It’s a bold look, but Bridezillas can pull it off!
Gladiolus: These spiky blooms represent strength of character, making them perfect for Bridezillas like us.
Larkspur: For levity, because we all know Bridezillas must keep a sense of humor. Or a mallet, whichever is closest. (Just kidding!)
King Proteas: They symbolize daring, and that’s exactly what you’d be with a couple of these in your bouquet. Spiky but still lovable (like us), if you’re aiming for a bouquet no one else will have then adding a few King Proteas will certainly do the job.
Snapdragons: Skip bashful peonies in favor of sexy snapdragons. Okay, not quite “sexy” per se, but snapdragons do represent desire. Throw in one or two and see how spicy you can make the wedding kiss before you get raised eyebrows!
Asiatic Lily bouquet courtesy Cool Wine Baskets.

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