Bridezilla Dream Destinations: The Castle Wedding


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castle wedding
While lounging around Bridezilla headquarters on pleasantly temperate days, we often find ourselves daydreaming of the finer things in life. Sure, we often get stuck on French chocolates and George Clooney, but occasionally we let ourselves wander towards that finest of Bridezilla daydreams – the castle wedding. And if sometimes our wanderings lead us to Google, who’s to say it isn’t research for our friends and ladies of leisure?

Augill Castle: When it’s located in a place called Eden Valley, how can you go wrong? The Gothic exterior of this castle gives us flashbacks to the Victoria Holt romances we used to read by flashlight under the covers in our daring youth.
Eastnor Castle: Set on a lake and featuring some of the most gorgeous bedrooms we’ve ever seen, Eastnor Castle is the kind of place you might not want to visit, if only because it might be too hard to tear yourself away afterwards.
Chateau Raysse: Favor a French chateau rather than a grand castle? Relatively quainter than its English counterparts, this chateau has an attractive wood-paneled salon and room enough for an intimate wedding party of yourself and whoever else is lucky enough to get an invite.
Have an unlimited budget or just big dreams? Visit Weddings UK or The castle lover’s guide for hours of wishful browsing.
Photo courtesy Weddings in Scotland.

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