World’s Most Expensive, Part 1: Wedding Gowns

Posted by on 21 Aug, 2009

It’s Friday. Instead of working (totally beneath bridezilla), we’re wedding day dreaming. What would you do if money was no object? Every Friday, we’ll feature the world’s most expensive wedding items. From million-dollar bouquets to tiaras and trains, you don’t want to miss this spendy bridezilla series.

Peacock Dress


We love peacock feathers. In small doses! This wedding dress unveiled at a China wedding expo is made of 2009 peacock feathers. It’s valued at 1.5 million dollars. Bridezilla’s personal opinion? It’s a bit overkill. Peacock feathers should be reserved for bouquets. No bridezilla should show up to her wedding clad in a costumy bird suit. This is a 1.5 million-dollar mistake.

Diamond Dress


No doubt you’ll dazzle them on your wedding day, but do you need a $12 million dollars to do it? This 150-carat wedding dress was revealed at the Luxury Brands Lifestyle Bridal show in February of 2006. It looks like a frosted disco ball. Thanks to bridezilla’s new favorite Friday reading, the Diamond Blog for bringing this to our attention.

Bridezilla’s Pick: The Platinum

platnum wedding dress.jpg

Bridezilla loves everything platinum and this 240,000 dress (in pounds) is no exception. It’s spun from silk and platinum thread and was unveiled at the 2008 London Monday as part of the Hatton Garden Jewelry Week. The only trouble is, we couldn’t wear this gorgeous gown just once. We’d have to bust it out at every special occasion: Thanksgiving… Christmas… maybe even to the office. Read more at the Daily Mail.

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  1. On 17 Sep, 2009, svadba said:

    wow!! awesome wedding dresses!

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  2. On 18 Sep, 2009, Reza said:

    Very Nice gown, but the color seems dark, better to same as pearl
    With Best Wishes for Every Couples.

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  3. On 25 Jan, 2010, MeRRi* said:

    Wow nice dresses it would be nice to have more pictures though.

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  4. On 30 Apr, 2010, John said:

    this sucks

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  5. On 13 Nov, 2010, it sucks said:

    the first one i would die ifa had ta weare tht lol

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