Another Bridezilla Faces Jail Time


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bridezilla ball and chain.pngWhy are bridezillas suddenly trading in their Vera gowns for striped jumpsuits? And their ball-and-chains for an actual ball and chain? We already informed you about Bridezilla Karee who violated her parole by behaving violently on Bridezillas, the T.V. show.
Now, there’s a real-life bridezilla facing the Big House.
Briana Nicole Balancier was arrested for stealing money to pay for her spendy shindig back in March. On August 11, she pleaded no contest to four felonies and could soon spend up to nine months in jail.
Balancier, nicknamed “the Ultimate Bridezilla,” wrote a bad check to herself from her day care business, Happy Little Hearts. When the bank told her she had to wait for the check to clear, she wrote a phony fax saying the money was there. The money was spent on the caterer, DJ, photographer and wedding location.
Sources didn’t say if she was able to follow through with the wedding. She was arrested two days before her wedding date. We’re guessing it didn’t happen. Read full article here.
Disclaimer: does not support money laundering, fraud, or forgery of any kind. We’d sell our own plasma for a pair of Manolos, but breaking the law is out of the question. They don’t make Dolce and Gabbana prison wear.

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