Best Non-Floral Wedding Bouquets


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Blooms? So boring. If flowers make you sneeze, or if you’d rather spend your wedding dollars on something that won’t just wilt and die, check out these non-floral wedding bouquets. From buttons to Christmas ornaments to Swarovski crystals, you won’t find a garden-variety bouquet in this bunch.

Cute as a bridezilla button

button bouquet 2.jpg
Isn’t it just darling? Princess Lasertron makes these button beauties from high in her castle tower. Ok, so she’s not locked away in a tower sewing buttons, she’s on Etsy and writes for Wedding Bee pro. And she’s more than a Princess. She’s the Queen of button bouquets. This cuter-than-a-button bouquet is perfect for those bridezillas brash enough to try a Coraline wedding theme.
light up christmas ornament bouquet.jpg
Where else but the Off Beat Bride would you go to find non-floral wedding bouquets? This cluster of Christmas ornaments actually lights up. Not even a pregnant bridesmaid will outshine you when you’re holding this blue beauty.

Crystal bouquets and boutonnieres

crystal boutineer.jpg
Crystal is cropping up all over the place. But too much or the wrong kind of crystal looks gaudy and 1980’s (the two worst words in wedding vernacular). These dazzling designs can be found at Head Piece Heaven.

Brides of a feather

feather boutonniere.jpg
feather bridezilla bouquet.jpg
When you don’t want to use flowers, go with feathers. They have that vintage appeal that goes oh-so perfectly with the birdcage veil. Both the blue boutonniere and white feather bouquet can be found at Etsy.

Origami spectacular

origami wedding bouquet.jpg

What’s less costly than calla lilies, but still just as pretty? Paper! I absolutely adore these origami bouquets. They may not have the redolence of roses, but really, they’re just as pretty and won’t end up strewn over the reception floor.

A Charming Touch

wedding bouquet charms.jpg
If you intend to go with the traditional wedding bouquet, give your flowers a charming touch with these bouquet charms. The flowers will die, but these bouquet charms live on forever. Or until you lose them.

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