4 Reasons You Should Talk to a Divorce Lawyer before Getting Married


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Wedding Rings and Gavel

Wedding Rings and Gavel

No one wants to begin their life with another person by thinking about its potential end.  But, guess what, folks?  Divorce happens to about half of all married couples.  (And if you’re a bridezilla, your odds are likely higher.)

Below are 4 reasons even the most splendidly solid couples should seek the advice of a legal professional prior to the marriage ceremony.

The pre-nup

If the worst happens, you can be prepared with a pre-nuptial agreement that safeguards any assets you owned coming into the marriage.  You can also stipulate how future earnings and jointly owned items will be allocated in the event of a divorce.  Pre-nups can include everything from spousal support amounts to penalties for a party’s indiscretions.


Family lawyers are NOT accountants, but they can give you an idea of what mistakes made early on might cost you later on.  They can also steer you around financial potholes they’ve seen other clients fall into.  And if you are still concerned after your sit-down, the divorce attorney can steer you toward a qualified financial professional.

Custody issues

If you and your intended mean to have children, you must discuss how you will raise whether you stay together or break up, and the legal ramifications of both.  The more planning you do in advance, the less chance of a messy custody battle later on.


But a meeting with a good divorce lawyer is most beneficial because it can facilitate a good dialogue between you and your prospective spouse.  The sit-down allows the two of you to evaluate and express what each expects out of, and values in, your relationship.

With clear and open communication managed by a family attorney, your marriage will get off on the right foot. Once you are certain that the two of you are prepared to face whatever life throws at you, both together and solo, you can feel secure in heading down the aisle

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