5 Uniquely Beautiful Celebrity Wedding Dresses-and one pantsuit!


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Here at Bridezilla, we believe the highest form of beauty is being unapologetically yourself. That’s why we have dedicated our blog to fighting cookie cutter bridal syndrome (in a non granola eating, dirge singing way) to embrace weddings that clearly speak of the bride’s individual passion and identity. And nowhere is that identity more clear than in the wedding dress you choose. Read below to see some of best examples of be-yourself bridal beauty of all time.


1) Dita Von Teese.

Dita Von Teese looks regal and beautiful in her dark violet Vivienne Westwood gown. The color shows off her famous milky white skin and the dark color is a nod to the gothic sex kitten persona (and teeny tiny waist) that made her a star. Best of all, she manages to make punk look elegant, like only she (and Vivienne Westwood) ever could.Bravo Dita!

2) Bianca Jagger

Bianca Jagger looks radiant in one of the most commemorated and talked-about wedding ensembles off all times. In her snappy Yves Saint Laurant bridal trouser suit and big floppy hat she looks as bridal and beaming as any bride could hope to, in an ensemble most brides would never even dare to try on! But while white David Bridal’s gowns come and go, Bianca earned a permanent place in fashion history for her spunky feminine beauty and unique bridal style. This is a great example of be-yourself bridal beauty!

3) Gwen Stefani.

Who could forget this iconic rock n roll bride in her gorgeous John Galliano gown? Pristine bridal white blending with the most vibrant, sexy shock of hot pink in the train? We’ll take ten! This is a dress that’s been talked about and talked about, but we just couldn’t help but put Gwen on our list of uniquely beautiful celebrity brides as well. The bright feminine colors and mix of playful and classic exactly personify Gwen’s casually glamorous style, making her one of Bridezilla’s all-time queens of be-yourself beauty.

4) Victoria Beckham

. We love how on her wedding day, Victoria feels free to embrace the jarring, futuristic outlines and pixie hair she is still known for today (just look at this picture of her at Katie’s Holmes wedding).

On the biggest day of her life, Posh stayed true to her personality and personal style, embracing a unique, jagged dress neckline and forgoing styrofoam white for a creamier champagne that better suits her coffee colored complexion. Best of all she still looks Posh as ever. Congrats Vic, for always knowing how to make daring fashion work for you. You are a true testament of be-yourself bridal beauty.

5) Caroline Bissette

Last but not least, let it never be said that Bridezilla does not believe a white dress can be unique and beautiful. If anyone is an example of someone who does belong in a luminous white sheath wedding dress with airy throw, that someone is Caroline Bissette. Not only is she glowing and ethereal on her big day wearing this chic Narciso Rodriguez frock, we can tell from the way she is laughing and smiling that she is just as comfortable in her wedding gown as Bridezilla is sitting here eating beluga on rhye in her sequined kimono. And that’s saying something!

3 thoughts on “5 Uniquely Beautiful Celebrity Wedding Dresses-and one pantsuit!”

  1. Funny, because I just finished reading your article titled “Top Ten Things Beneath Bridezilla” in which you wrote:
    “10) Colored Wedding Dresses. We don’t care what anyone says; bright-colored wedding sashes are total tramp stamps, sullying perfectly pristine white gowns. Remember, walking down the aisle is no excuse for pronouncing how many times you’ve been around the block! Have the dignity to veil your colored past with an appropriately frothy white gown, and save the crayola shades for your bridesmaids (snicker snicker).”
    Those who have opinions should stick with them. :o)

  2. I super like your gowns and how you try to break away from the “traditional”. Most women only gets to be married once in her lifetime (except for those who want to do it again with the same person or not) and because it is HER wedding, she should be using the gown of her choice. I just don’t get it why the church has so many pointless restrictions when it comes to wedding gowns. If I am to be married, my gown of choice would be a black one.

    margo from Calculer pourcentage


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