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My name is bridezilla and I’m a wedding book nerd. As a bridezilla, writer, and long-time member of the literati, wedding planning books are my thing. I spend every Saturday morning trolling the bookstore and nothing lures me in quite like the aisle of pastel-blue and-white hardcovers. With so many wedding planning books, what’s a bridezilla to do? Select from our bridezilla bestsellers!
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1. Offbeat Bride: Taffeta-Free Alternatives for Independent Brides
Sure, you spent many of late nights perusing The Offbeat Bride’s “wedding porn,” (as do we) but did you know the blogger now has a book? Bridezillas who aren’t afraid to wear a lime-green wedding dress or have a coffin on their wedding cake will appreciate this taffeta-free text. This wedding planning book doesn’t tell you how to create your own Offbeat wedding, it’s inspirational, not instructional. It comes alive with anecdotes from Ariel Meadow Stalling’s own experiences.
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2. The Wedding Book: The Big Book for Your Big Day
We said it before and we’ll say it again: The Wedding Book should grace every bridezilla’s bookshelf. This bible-size tome made the bridezilla best-seller list because it’s full of every tip, trick, and trend out there. It covers everything from engagement announcement to the crucial days just before you say “I Do.”
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3. Emily Post’s Wedding Etiquette, 5e
What makes the perfect wedding? “The bride and groom both look as though they were sunlight behind their eyes as though their mouths irresistibly turned to smiles.” Where would we be without Emily Post? She taught us to handle sticky situations with the grace of a white-gloved Queen. Emily Post’s great granddaughter-in-law, Peggy Post wrote this wedding etiquette book. It covers every etiquette tip in the book for new and modern brides. If you ever wondered how to diplomatically deal with your mother in law or what to do about your ever-growing guest list, read this.
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4. The DIY Bride: 40 Fun Projects for Your Ultimate One-of-a-Kind Wedding
We know, a true bridezilla would rather hire someone than resort to do-it-yourself. But when you’re as anal-retentive as us, it pays to get out the glue gun. The DIY Bride offers 40 fun projects and clever crafts for your ultimate one-of-a-kind wedding. If you’re wavering on this book, consider that you’ll get all the kudos for your brilliant creations. Not your wedding planner, not your venues, you.
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5.Anti-Bride Guide: Tying the Knot Outside of the Box
The Anti-Bride Guide high-heel kicks convention to the curb. Our obsession with organza and Manolos considered, bridezilla is the opposite of anti-bride. But the author’s sassy illustrations and brilliant tips kept us entertained and wanting more. If you want wedding checklists that don’t reek of “The Knot,” pick up the Anti-Bride.
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6.The Best of Martha Stewart Living : Weddings
Who better to give wedding advice than the maven of elegant entertainment – Martha Stewart! This book rolls all her previous wedding advice up into one cinnamon bun of a book. It’s full of beautiful snapshots and practical advice. Best Of Martha is especially perfect if you plan to have one of those gorgeous Connecticut country club weddings. Martha has a discerning eye for wedding detail. She may have been one of the first bridezillas!
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7. In Style: Weddings
From the most formal church ceremony to barefoot on the beach, InStyle Weddings includes them all. With more than 500 colorful and black & white photographs, it’s a visual masterpiece and pairs wonderfully with a morning latte.

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