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We almost didn’t post this, considering “Speidi” doesn’t need any more publicity and Spencer already won Bridezilla of the Year, but here it goes. The Hill’s stars tied the knot…for the second time. We guess their publicity stunt elopement in Mexico wasn’t legal. All Bridezilla really wanted to know was whether Heidi’s best-friend-for-never, Lauren Conrad showed. Yes, reports show that the lovely Lauren made a quick media-pleasing appearance in a purple mini-dress. Get the details on Speidi’s REAL wedding, white dress and all.
And for a second, less repulsive bite, Michelle Rodridgez might be the first-ever bridesmaid-zilla. She caused quite the stir at her best friend and manager’s bachelorette party. The night before, Rodriguez shoved some wedding guests into a pool. At the party, she yelled at a male stripper while he gyrated on the bride-to-be, screaming “You’re fat and you have a small….” (you can guess what followed). Read this article for a delish dish on the belligerent bridesmaid.
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