Bridezilla Bejeweled: Win a $100 Jewelry Gift Basket from Dasha Boutique


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January is the peak engagement month, which means most Bridezillas are in the throes of wedding planning come April. If your trainer’s forbidden your favorite sea salt covered truffles and the wedding is draining your Tiffany fund, no worries! The most darling Dasha Boutique has all the indulgence you need, thanks to their $100 Jewelry Basket Giveaways. Be advised Bridezillas: this is no ordinary bling. The boutique’s baubles have been featured everywhere from Glamour to InStyle, and none other than Lucky Magazine heralded Dasha’s elegant pieces as “wearable and timeless.” To win $100 worth of these gorgeous handmade gems, all you have to do is enter here. Five lucky winners will be chosen on April 25th. Enter now because bejeweled Bridezillas are better Bridezillas (and because it’s a long way until June).

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