Bridezilla Brand Name Pronunciaton: Emanuel Ungaro


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A Statement-Making Ungaro Gown

Emanuel Ungaro
Pronunciation: Eh-MAHN-wayl Oon-GAH-ro

Cocktail Cliff’s Notes: Born to Italian parents who had fled to France from Brindisi because of the fascist Italian government, Ungaro is Bridezilla’s most favorite fugitive fashionista ever. Embracing his metrosexual side early on, Ungaro took to sewing as a young boy. Decades later, his clothes are known for French flair with an almost surreal sensuality about them, including innovations like the chain mail dress and metal bustiers (fashionable and fierce, Bridezilla adores!) Ungaro’s look was popularized by models like Twiggy and Penelope Tree, and his visionary clothing lines are designed to remind every Bridezilla that “women are the joy of every man.” Attach that quote to Groomzilla’s next credit card bill!

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