Bridezilla Gets Dressed: When the Day Met the Night


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Spring hasn’t yet sprung, but we’re already looking forward to the days of resort collections and evenings out in sandals. The Bridezilla social calendar is so often packed from day to night once the weather gets warmer that do-it-all dresses become essential. We like a look that can be taken from the office to the art gallery/classy restaurant/nightclub opening simply by shedding a jacket, and that’s why we’ll be stocking our closets with these come spring.

The Nightclub

Saucy? Sure. But hidden beneath a black blazer and a white button-down, you’re as office-ready as anyone’s ever been. After hours, this D&G Black Strapless Dress (pictured above) has the fashion cachet that can get you in the door and up to VIP faster than you can say “Don’t you know who I am?” Which is good, because not all bouncers respond instantly to the name Bridezilla (taking over the world takes time, you know).

The Gallery

This sexy Galliano number is a nice subdued beige that won’t get noticed fitting sleekly beneath a slouchy cable knit sweater. Lose the cover-up and you’re ready for a night out on the town in this avant-garde design, so get ready with your best critique of that latest hip artist. Our advice: no matter what you say, say it with authority and everyone will fall over themselves to agree with your assessment of the best piece’s post-modern sensibility.

Your Favorite Restaurant

When dining out, you want to strike the right balance between chic and comfortable. We won’t say there’s no one to impress (there’s always someone to impress), but when you can simply throw a cute cardigan over a look during the day and slip it off at night, doesn’t everyone win? This Velvet Halter Dress has a little swing to it, paired with a sexy neckline that will keep the fiance’s eyes where they belong – focused on you. Well, somewhere on you, anyway. Button it up for day and no one’s the wiser!

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