Bridezilla Love List: Couture Invitations by


Updated on: has been serving discerning brides since 1992. Is there a better place for bridezilla to shop for wedding invitations?
studio isabella letterpress exclu. weddings.jpgMost DIY wedding invitations have out-of-date prints or cheap ribbons that fall off at the slightest touch. Fellow bridezillas, don’t do it yourself if your crafting projects look kindergarten.
ExclusivelyWedding’s Couture Invitation Collection features the damask print that’s oh-so-chic this season, along with several elegant alternatives. And they’re affordable, so you don’t have to spend hundreds on wedding invitations that eventually end up in the garbage.
ExclusivelyWeddings is offering free shipping on all orders of $75 or more, so discerning bridezillas should check out their invitations and other wedding items before this summer sale sails away.

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