Bridezilla of the Month: The Bride of Borat


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For spooky October’s Bridezilla of the Month, who else would do but the kooky bridesmaid who immortalized the Bridezilla credo “Don’t ever leave me….because I’d find you.”(Excerpted below for your viewing pleasure) From bedroom fetishes to Fatal Attraction endearments, her role in Wedding Crashers alone would be enough to woo us to christening Isla Fisher as Bridezilla of the Month. But that’s just the beginning…
Factor in her upcoming nuptials to none other than Borat, her two best-selling trashy romance novels she wrote at age 18, and her stint as a pantomime, and Fisher’s got the Bridezilla of the Month title all sewn up.
Bridezilla Bonus Tips: Not content to rest on her supporting actress laurels, Fisher is making bold moves for female lead comedians, piloting a project called “Groupies” with fellow comedienne and beloved Bridezilla Amy Poehler! Take that,Warner Brothers! Last but not least, she’s starring as the irrepressible Becky Bloomwood in the upcoming Shopaholic movie, a character we all know was based on Bridezilla herself. Fierce!

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