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sk4.jpg We may be Bridezillas, but we’re obviously bloggers, too – and life on the internet means an awareness of the latest technology, if nothing else. In between obsessively refreshing for the latest Fashion Week developments, we occasionally try to get out of the Bridezilla compound to get some fresh air, but we’re never without a connection for blogging on the spot! All modern Bridezillas need to keep connected in one way or another, and this is how we do it.

Our pledged allegiances to the Prada phone have been recently surpassed by the shiny, shiny iPhone, but how long can that last? Apparently as long as it takes for Danger to release the Sidekick 4 (pictured above). The Sidekick’s had our hearts with its QWERTY keyboard (sorry, Prada phone) and instant messaging capabilities (sorry, iPhone), and now it’s available black, shiny, and with a wider screen? We know what will be peeking out from the pocket of our designer jeans this fall, or earlier if we can get someone to pick it up for us at the rumoured New York City early release next week. After all, how else are we meant to keep in contact with our wedding planners if not through constant calling, texting, emailing, and IMing?

Call us Apple cultists like the rest of the easily-seduced world, but if Steve Jobs is going to keep putting out products in sleek bridal white we’re just going to keep buying them to match our look! The latest touch-screen seductress to capture our attention is the iPod Touch, which does everything your old iPod does only in a sexier way. The big, gorgeous widescreen means that we can pass the time in the back of the cab watching the best wedding moments compiled in handy YouTube videos, and easily show our bridesmaids the pictures we’ve compiled with all the weddings we want to emulate. It’s everything that’s pretty about the iPhone without ringing to interrupt your going through every Shins album to find the perfect first dance song!

We’ve had a Gmail account since the early days, and now we can hardly remember a time without threaded emails and stored chats. How did we ever keep track of anything? And it just keeps getting better. Imagine interactive wedding planning without getting all your bridesmaids together and springing for mimosas for yet another planning brunch. If you’re using Google Documents, you can keep suggestions all in one place and let anyone in for editing. Google Calendar means you won’t miss an appointment, and neither will anyone else in the wedding party. Create a group for all involved parties and easily share wedding photos and more. Sure, you could use another email program…but why would you?

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