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We’re suckers for a good tell-all, and with the wide range of people David Boyer interviewed to gather material for his book Bachelor Party Confidential, it’s like sitting down to get all the gossip straight from the source of over a hundred people who have been there. From bachelor party pranks gone wrong to the trials and tribulations of lesbian strippers, you’ll hear all the dirt you’ve been dying for, making this a great summer beach read.

Is the mystery gone since Boyer exposed the experiences of these people? Hardly. But we’re not inclined to fasten on the ball and chain just yet – at least, not until after our own bachelorette parties (hello, strawberry Jell-o shots and Dirk the chiseled male stripper!). Of course our husbands-to-be wouldn’t dream of straying, as the threat of a stiletto through the heart has an appreciably sobering effect on rowdy grooms, but it’s good to know what they very well might be up to. Just don’t let it get you too paranoid, and no matter what you do, don’t let him have the party the night before the wedding – a hungover husband-in-progress isn’t of much use to anyone.
Check out a few excerpts at Indiebride here or visit the official site here!

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