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truebrideconfessions.jpgBridezillas bare their souls! And who better to create a no-judgment bridal confessional than Romi Lassally, Features Editor of the most excellent Huffington Post (Bridezilla’s homepage, we confess 🙂 The function of TrueBrideConfessions is simple: to allow brides a place to unburden their deepest fears, insecurities, or giddy-but-naughty victories regarding their wedding. Here’ s a sample confession we found particularly amusing.

“I was having body image issues yesterday and I was feeling pretty down about it and then my fiance and I bumped into his ex-wife. She is quite butch and it made me feel better that I am so much prettier than her! It may sound really bitchy and evil but it did cheer me up!”

Another good thing that adds to this site’s supportive tone-instead of the usual comments section, there’s simply a “me too” feature, which you just click if you “second” that confession. This commiseration- over-cattiness attitude is a refreshing change from the usual feisty forums which can get totally out of hand. More importantly, the “no comments” nature of this confessional allows you to be totally honest about your secret wedding worries without fear of being chased with torches-a rare treat for a bride in the throes of wedding planning! Click below to read a few more of our favorite confessions!

“I refuse to starve myself to fit into my wedding dress. A beautiful, healthy, chubby bride is better than a sickly, emaciated one. Plus I’ll need the energy when I jump my new husband’s bones on the wedding night. I can’t wait to try wedding cake samples, yum yum!”

“yes! I really spent over $50,000.00 on our wedding. We loved every minute of it and have no regrets. We had the money, we did it and we enjoyed it. It was all for US not you or any guest that was invited.”

Hah, we love these true confessions! Invite us to your blogosphere slumber party,pretty please!

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