Bridezilla's 22 Best New Year's Wedding Tips Ever


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1) Go somewhere exotic. Why? The only thing more festive than fireworks, is foreign fireworks!
You’re already thinking outside the box with a cooler-than-usual wedding date, so why not throw the shindig in Thailand , Sri Lanka or Hawaii?

2) Have your bridesmaids wear jeweled fake eye lashes. Bridezilla loves bling bling batting!

3) Create a fun slideshow at your reception of political, cultural and celebrity events from the past year, culminating with a slide of the biggest event of the year-your wedding!

4) Buck the trend and save your first man-and-wife kiss to coincide with the midnight countdown!

5) Forget the fairy lights. For a New Year’s wedding, decorate your reception area in funky mosquito netting and Japanese lanterns.

6) Have guests sign their New Years Resolutions on your guest book. Read them at your ten year vow renewal to see who stepped up to the challenge.

7) Have the wedding party carry sparklers instead of bouquets. Get these that come in the spangly vases for safely sexy effect.

8) Do your wedding colors in shades of chic metallic-lavender, gold and bronze.

9) Skip the champagne toast and live lavishly by serving Paris Hilton’s Rich Prosecco.

10) Take advantage of free fireworks with an outdoor reception.

11) Plasma screens a’plenty are a must to watch the ball drop!

12) Fresh start anyone? Have the entire wedding party join the Polar Bear Swim Club.

13) Play this awesome song at your reception to get bodies moving!

14) In lieu of long boring wedding toasts (clock’s ticking, after all), have each groomsmen offer these short, sweet toasts from around the world.

15) Need justification for a nice, long honeymoon? Remind Groomzilla that the original New Year’s celebration lasted eleven days. Hey, who are you to contest history?

16) Have your wedding on a cruise boat to really take advantage of the disco ball, DJ, flashing fireworks aesthetic.

17) Let your ringbearer throw snappers down the aisle. It will keep Aunt Mabel awake and will totally make up for the small matter of the sparkly tuxedo.

18) Give out masquerade masks as wedding favors for instant mystique-on-the-cheap.

19) By morning everyone will be on a diet, so go decadent with a dessert buffet.

20) By morning everyone will be in rehab, so drink and be merry with a sparkling wine buffet

21) Walk down a candle lit aisle to U2’s “City of Blinding Lights.” If you’re a traditionalist, an acoustic version of the band’s “New Years Day” is a nice choice.

22) Cover everything in this-including your eligible female guests.

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