Bridezilla's Guide to Bridal Showers: Four Fresh Themes


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Is someone spiking the Brita water with Boring? Sigh. Truthfully, Bridezilla has been to some bummer bridal showers lately. Indeed, if she has to sit through one more slide show, play one more trivia game about the couple, or purchase one more registry gift, she is going to spike the virgin mimosas (wtf?). The fact is, bridal Showers of late are basically like tricking people into coming to your wedding twice: stuffy, sentimental and full of gifts like spice racks and soup ladles. We are over it! We think Bridal Showers should combine the elegance of the wedding with the fun of a bachelorette party, and we are going to show you how to accomplish just that with these funky bridal shower themes for the modern wifey.

Safari Chic.
The Safari trend is smoking hot, so have all the maids over in their finest khaki and aviator glasses for a little pre-ceremony sanctuary. Sprinkle your pad in gold sequins and lush napkins like these. Replace the corny music soundtrack with a video of animals mating to set the mood – after all, we are nothing but mammals! Serve tropical kebobs and jungle juice while playing this cute game where you try and guess the name of animal mates.

Bridezilla Bonus Tip: Doe a Deer, a Female Deer…

Eschew the registry gifts and each buy the lucky bride some sassy animal-print lingerie (zebra print thongs, leopard teddys, rarr). Have her model her favorite ensemble in an impromptu runway strut to Guns N Roses “Welcome to the Jungle.” Then break out the binoculars and start scanning for hot menz neighbors to join the prowl. Bonus Bridezilla points for giving this combo binocular flask as bridal shower gifts. Best Bridal Shower ever!

Co-ed Fete.
On that note, one surefire way to spice up your bridal shower is to invite some fellers, at least for part of the time! What good is a slumber party without a good raid!? Serve crowd-pleasing sushi and the yummy yin yang martinis pictured here. Decorate with pictures of celebrity couples with fake best wishes inscribed for the bride and groom (aka “To the happy couple, hope you shag as often as we do. Pecks, Vicky and David”). Play Battle of the Sexes trivia and watch goofy movies like Guys and Dolls and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Or go high tech with some Wii Rock Band (the ultimate marriage saver, if ever there were one).Have the gift theme be “His and Hers” and bring gifts like bath robes, a unisex scent, or the cute co-ed key rings pictured here.

Bouquet Soiree.
This one is perfect for spring! In lieu of typical bridal shower gifts like bath mats and blenders, each attendant brings a truly stunning floral bouquet. The MOH then blindfolds the bride, who will be hilariously terrified thinking she has to do something horrible. Encourage this. Then, allow each maid to takes turn placing their bouquets under her nose and see if she can identify the flower. For each one that she gets right, pluck a flower from that bouquet. You can then put a twist on the typical bridal shower “helmet” made of ribbons and wrapping, and create a flower garland with ribbon or a beautiful corsage! Continue the theme with blooming teas(one of Bridezilla’s favorite things ever) and these lovely lotus flower martinis. For an extra special touch, invite a special guest like a nail artist to give floral manicures or a hula teacher for a little hip-swaying lesson. Tropical!
Bridezilla Bonus Tip: When you leave, your Bridezilla will have more bouquets than a movie star dressing room, and you totally got out of a trip to the container store. Score!

Marie Antoinette Affair.
Decadent and girly, a Marie Antoinette bridal shower is all about lavish delight. Set the mood by covering your chandeliers, mantles and table with pretty bird and butterfly hairpieces (if you don’t have a chandelier, fashion one out of wire hangers).

Allow the girls to come in and pluck a hair ornament or two for true Queen of France fashion. Set the bathroom up with this Lush Candy Fluff “>powder and these little beauty marks. Finish it off with yummy candles in the queen’s favorite scents: tuberose, violet, and lavender. Now that you and your girl’s are properly decked out, it’s time to skip the typical boring bridal shower games and indulge in the queen’s favorite pastime: gambling. Here’s a guide to playing Faro , the extravagant game that’s one of the queen’s favorite. To keep it lighthearted, play with bon bons or these yummy bath petals. Drink pink champagne and listen to the fabulous soundtrack of Sophia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette. Fun!

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