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Up and regal or down and glamorous, that is the question.  A carefully crafted wedding day coiffure can determine the entire mood of the day.  A tight, upswept do says no-nonsense, riches galore affair a la Kim Kardashian while a loose or low bun like Kate Moss‘ conveys more of an intimate gathering-feel.  On the opposite end of the hair spectrum, long cascading locks bring a modern yet relaxed touch to the occasion.  To help determine your best hair day, take your pick from these celebrity wedding day up and down-dos.

The Up Dos


From intricate to casual, our up do inspirations come from Gwen Stefani’s twisted, yet elegant faux-hawk-ish do, Carolyn Bessette’s classic low gathering, Salma Hayek’s severe style and Katie Holmes’ tousled bun.

The Down Dos

jaime-king-kate-middleton-marcia-cross-fergie-wedding-hairOur long-haired ladies bring the boho waves and the perfectly primped princess curls.  Jaime King shows off a vintage vibe and Kate Middleton has every hair in its proper place while Marcia Cross wears soft curls and Fergie brings the California beach bride.

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