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combray.jpgWe’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: face goop does not good foreplay make. In the whirlwind weeks leading up to the wedding, your groomzilla will have enough stress without coming to bed to discover his blushing bridezilla has morphed into a crusty green-masked, cucumber eyed alien. Indeed, as marriage impends, it’s time to leave the slumber party beauty rituals behind, and opt for the subtle, seductive skincare rituals more befitting of a married lady.
Introducing Combray, a sexy little serum perfect for producing glowy wedding day skin in a most dewy manner. With six dainty drops from the chic burgundy bottle, Combray’s grapeseed-based elixir begins working it’s magic. The omega 6-rich antioxidant skincare line is totally free of harsh chemicals, relying on an all-natural formula to seal in moisture and create gleaming, youthful wedding day skin.
When we began our search for the perfect wedding day skincare, the results proved fruitful. With a grapeseed base and a chemical-free approach, Combray was the only skincare line we found with real scientific credibility. While we certainly don’t condone those ghastly goggles, when it comes to skin, Bridezilla’s definitely amenable to bringing in an expert. With two chemical engineers backing the product, Bridezilla feels her skin is in competent hands. No more well-meant homemade avocado masks from Momzilla!
When Bridezilla has her chic burgundy bottle of Combray, she is ready to be whisked away on a minibreak without having to schlep some cumbersome skincare kaboodle. She is ready for amorous bedtime interludes that won’t involve shower caps or her groomzilla shrieking away from her crooked finger in abject horror. She will be gleaming, gorgeous, and gasp-low maintenance! For these reasons Bridezilla says, get thee to the Combray site!
Bridezilla Bonus Tip: Combray is an oil, so don’t forget to pair with a good SPF!

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  1. get your facts straight. combray has two ingredients. only one of these is all natural: grapeseed oil. the other is a highly controversial and untested lab invention called oxofulleram which is actually a type of buckminster fullerene. studies on fullerenes show a wide variation in their safety when introduced to living tissue, with no conclusions having been reached. combray is actually about as far as one can get from “all natural”


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