Diamonds aren't the only things that last forever


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He’ll never be able to take this one off! Now that you’ve got him in your net, keep him there and add a punk rock spin to your nuptials with tattooed wedding rings. That’s right – and trust us, ladies, this is the only time we’d encourage you away from a girl’s blue-boxed best friend – rather than spending that two months’ salary on a bright and shiny bauble, make the ultimate commitment with ink!

We love the idea of getting each others’ initials tattooed right around your ring finger. It’s a ring you can’t take off, lose, forget to wear, or watch tumble down the sink while you shriek in horror. Sure, it’s a little more punk rock, but admit it, you were always intrigued by those spiky-haired Sid Vicious types in high school. Just picture the way the conservative side of your family will react – picture it, fellow Bridezillas, and laugh into your soy latte.
Love hurts, darlings. Demonstrate your lifelong commitment, and with the money you’ll save on those diamonds, add an extra week in Hawaii to your honeymoon. Or better still, take your daring aesthetic to London or Berlin for the art scene, or trek down to South America on a luxury hiking trip.

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