Fall Wedding Trend: Beige Goes Breathtaking


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From pilgrim to picnic, incarnations of beige are all the rage for fall wedding gowns. Indeed, the elevation of beige is one of Bridezilla’s favorite trend to emerge from Bridal Fashion Week.
Do not be alarmed, gentle readers. Before the Spring 2008 Bridal Collections, Bridezilla too viewed beige as a shade best relegated to bar mitzvah suits and funeral flowers. But, like straw into gold, this overlooked color has reincarnated from a loose bride’s white into a subtler, more mellow champagne color we just can’t get enough of. After a spring and summer heavy on cloying green and pinks, we welcome this elegant change and its crisp, modern connotations. Still not convinced? Check out Bridezilla’s dazziling round up of beautiful beige wedding dresses, and you’ll see why we’d totally plight our troth in these posh frocks.

How fierce is this silk tulle tank gown from Angel Sanchez? Bridezilla loves how this boxy burlap gown mingles with the bejeweled bodice. Talk about formal meets function! This dress is the perfect confection of crisp sexiness, just right for an autumn wedding. From the slightly futuristic feel brilliantly mingling with a touch of Fiddler on the Roof, bridezillas agree this high-fashion gown blows the styrofoam white bridal gowns out of the water.


Vera Wang 2008.
We love the criss-cross effect of this Vera classic, which makes waists look teeny tiny and ball gowns more dramatic.The delicate etched flowers resemble letterpress in a way that Bridezilla finds gorgeously new, and the interesting peaked pleats on the strapless bodice keep the dress perfectly demure without being dull.
Carolina Herrera Spring 2008.
Last but not least is the most decadent dress in our round-up. This gown is perfect for the Bridezilla who craves a more offbeat hue but doesn’t want to sacrifice all the beading and baubles of a traditional bridal gown. With heavy encrusted embroidery, jeweled flowers and darling bows, this gown is a perfect study of autumn plenty, and we love how the pink mums brighten the look. Bridezilla approves!

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