How to Create a Bridezilla-Approved Facebook Wedding Page


How to Create a Bridezilla-Approved Facebook Wedding Page

Most true Bridezillas check their Facebook ten to twenty times a day just to, you know, count the engagement picture comments and check up on the bridesmaids to make sure none of them are gaining weight or (gasp) dying their hair outlandish colors.

After changing your status to “engaged,” this is where most of the planning on Facebook stops, right? Wrong, with the help of, you can now Facebook your wedding to the world. There is an easy, step-by-step guide to creating a cool and useful Facebook Wedding Page. Wedding websites are so passe. A Facebook Page is much more convenient, and who doesn’t love Facebook?

One of our favorite boxes to have on your Facebook wedding page is the registry box, where guests can see what items you registered for and buy them immediately. Cha-ching-ching! No more handmade quilts from Grandma; now she can buy the Pottery Barn duvet you’ve been coveting without getting up from her rocking chair.

You might have to show Grandma how to use Facebook, but having all your wedding info on your profile page surely cuts down on duplicate gifts, bridesmaid squabbles, and guests late because they didn’t get the memo.

Bridezilla Inspiration

Ever feel like you are the only one who is organized in your group of friends, constantly nagging them about dates and times? Add all of your events into the Calendar and Events boxes. Friends can quickly see when/where the bachelorette party is or what time the rehearsal dinner starts. No more bridesmaids blowing up your phone with questions.

Being a bride-to-be, most of the time, the spotlight is on you. So keep those bridezilla lips sealed on your public profiles. Tempting as it may be, don’t rant about your wedding party slackers and cheap guests. Facebook is forever.

Livestream Your Wedding?

Thinking about live streaming your special day? Professional videographers are just too expensive? Here is a good DIY way to livestream your nuptials.

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