How to Propose to your Bridesmaids


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You wavered in the past, but at long last you are finally ready. After all you’ve been through together, it’s time to ask the special lady in your life to do you the proud honor…of being your bridesmaid! Once you hear her squeal of delight and teary acceptance, you’ll be glad you participated in the hot new trend of bridesmaid “proposals.” Indeed, thanks to cute new Will You Be My Bridesmaid cards designed just for this purpose, it’s easy to pop the attendant question in a fun and meaningful way (no two month’s salary necessary). Here are four cute tips for how to pull off a bridesmaid proposal:

Secret Admirer Proposal

Speed by her home at night or while she’s at work and leave a surprise parcel on her door. Include one of these darling Will You Be My Bridesmaid cards, a single flower, and a bottle of champagne. She will be delighted when she returns home to find your sweet surprise, and a squealing ‘yes’ will surely ensue.

Bridezilla Bonus Tip: Use a non-romantic flower like a tulip or a lily so she doesn’t think it’s from a fella. You want her elated, not deflated!

Three more after the cut, so….

Pick-me-up Proposal.

Save your bridesmaid proposal for the next time your gal is having a Debbie Downer day. Bad hair, cranky boss, absentee boyfriend…next time life is piling up on your prospective attendant, surprise her by slyly producing one of the Will You Be My Bridesmaid cards from your purse to save the day. The best part of this bridesmaid proposal is watching her mood go from sour to shocked and honored in record time.

A Public Display of Affection Proposal

If you’re the exhibitionist type, increase the pomp and circumstance of the proposal by ambushing her at work with or plowing into her pilates class carrying one of the Will You Be My Bridesmaid cards, a tiara and a bouquet that she can wear all day in honor of her election to your wedding-ladies-in-waiting.

Engagement Party Proposal

If you’re having an engagement party in a bar or restaurant, create a truly elaborate bridesmaid proposal when you have the waiters bring out the Will You Be My Bridesmaid cards cleverly concealed on entree dishes. When your bridesmaids whip off the plate cover, they will be shocked to find the cards nestled in the dishes,and the celebratory mood will heighten considerably.

Adding some sweet spice to the bridesmaid selection will set the right tone of excitement and anticipation for your entire wedding planning process. Don’t settle for a boring old phone call. Put some panache into your wedding planning when you opt for bona fide bridesmaid proposals.

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