How to Sashay with Style into the Royal Wedding


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As a guest, how might you go about choosing your big day audience attire?  Being Britain, it goes without saying that hats will reign supreme, but given that Kate Middleton has chosen a demure dress from the otherwise over-the-top Sarah Burton, creative director of Alexander McQueen, how should a guest look so as not to draw overt attention?

Since it is a royal wedding and designer labels are a must, I say wear something classic with a dash of flash.  A beautifully tailored Victoria Beckham dress paired with an eye catching Philip Treacy hat perhaps or maybe the laid-back cuts of Stella McCartney with the addition of a simple fascinator.  Or forget overshadowing the bride and go all out spectacular.

Going Chic


Going Ladylike


Going Outrageous


2 thoughts on “How to Sashay with Style into the Royal Wedding”

  1. These fashions are incredible! I am glad that no one went “outrageous” that I could see, anyway. These items are all beautiful.

    • After seeing the wedding, I’d say a few of those hats definitely hit some outrageous notes. Then again, I’m a total sucker for crazy accessories.


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