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Whether you are a sassy bridezilla like our Harlow, a carefree bombshell like Miss Rita, the definition of class à la Grace, have Jackie O’s absolutely effortless style or bring a cool swagger like Bianca Jagger, it’s always fun to revisit our fashion roots.  These women and their iconic tastes have stood the test of time.  It’s time to create your iconic bridal style.

Jean Harlow – 1930s


Rita Hayworth – 1940s


Grace Kelly – 1950s


Jackie Kennedy – 1960s


Bianca Jagger – 1970s


10 thoughts on “Iconic Inspirations”

  1. I love these old images.
    Whilst often imitated they never seem to be bettered, particularly in this case the one of Rita Hayworth. She was in a class of her own, in every picture she took she oozed class.

    It would be nice to see those days again, maybe one day!

    • I’ve always wished I could hop in a time machine and experience those days first hand. It would be amazing if, even for just one day, everyone brought back a vintage style. Tailored and sophisticated; it would be heaven.

    • I’m so happy you enjoy it! I was on the fence about this particular post, not knowing who would be interested. Clearly I’m on the right track!

  2. Oh my god, I can’t believe!!! I’m getting married in May and my wedding dress was inspired by Amsale short wedding dress, which I only now found out that looks like Jackie Kennedy’s dress.
    I always admired Jackie for her incredible good taste in everything, especially the way she dressed and looked. I am so happy and proud to have her as a model, even though I didn’t realized it till now.

    Thank you Bridezilla for making my day!!! 🙂

    • First off, congratulations on the upcoming wedding! Second, that’s fantastic! I love those moments of finding similarities with an icon…and Jackie’s definitely a great one to have common ground with:)


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