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The signature wedding cocktail combines two things that we think are pretty great: weddings and cocktails. Oh hell, having a signature anything is pretty fantastic too, so why not make it three? When it comes to your open bar, the question then becomes not whether or not you’ll have a signature cocktail, but what will it be? Or better yet, why not have a whole drink menu of specialty cocktails inspired by your wedding?

Rein yourself in; this is not the time to serve up Long Islands or pass around Buttery Nipple shots (no matter how tasty they are). Show class and restraint with a fine selection of four or five favorite mixed drinks, ranging from martinis for the pros to fruit juice and the liquor for lightweights.
For a great wedding drink menu, try one of each of the following:
A Kiss:
the sweet and Southern Apricot Kiss
the holiday-appropriate Godiva Peppermint Kiss
the cool and classy Arctic Kiss
the sweet and spicy Sicilian Kiss
A Martini:
the classically sophisticated Italian Apple martini
the unexpectedly fruity French Martini
the sounds-good-to-us Death By Chocolate Martini
the sinfully sweet Butterscotch Truffle Martini
Something Fruity:
the cold and sweet Strawberry Ice
the girly Cosmopolitan
the delightful Key Lime Martini
the daring Clementine Martini
Something Sweet:
the cherry-infused Peach Blossom Martini
the fun and fabulous Caramel Apple Martini
the classic Mojito
the simply tasty Cupcake
And of course one signature cocktail. For a signature wedding cocktail, you need not get busy at the wet bar combining all your favorites to see what happens. (You can, but we’re just saying, you don’t have to.) A signature cocktail can be as easy as finding the drink that links thematically to your wedding, like White Russians for a winter wedding or cooling Limoncello cocktails for an outdoor summer ceremony.
Romantics might favor a sweeter selection, but we’re Bridezillas, baby – nothing says fierce like a signature cocktail of a dirty martini, straight up.
Flaming cocktails shot courtesy of Google Images. Tempted to serve your own, you crazy thing? We recommend the appropriately-named The Other Half.

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