Monday Bridezilla Bites


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The Bridal Wishlist has a series of posts on great flat wedding shoes for when you’ve kicked off your heels (or had your new husband gently remove them and store them somewhere safe) and it’s time to dance. We like the glimmery gold J.Crew flats best.

Never teh Bride capably answers the sticky question of how to dress bridesmen or groomsmaids.

If the blue box pressure is getting to your fiance’s head, do him a favor and direct him to Junebug’s guide to creative alternative wedding rings. We adore the unexpected drama of this natural grey pear-shaped diamond.

Wedding planner to the stars Preston Bailey offers suggestions for spring Sunday brunch decor, but we’re ready to take them from the garden party to the outdoor wedding reception. Can you even handle those rose tarts (pictured)? We can’t either.

Be a multi-layered fashionista with fabulous Stella McCartney lingerie, via FabSugar.

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  1. And just before you tie that knot ensure you look for a flat to rent, house to let, or rooms to rent if you are planning to live in the UK. You may also try persuading the groom to rent out that old property thats been in the family for years


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