Monster Mother-in-Laws: Which One Do You Have?


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When your title was “girlfriend,” his mom couldn’t be more thrilled. Until her darling son put a ring on your finger. The first time you opened that wedding planning book, she went from charming to crazy. Why? No one is really sure. Although the mystery of the monster mother in law was never solved, we do know they fall into a couple of classic categories.
Roseanne Conner The show ended before we could see what Roseanne would do if DJ Roseanne.jpgbrought home a bridezilla. But when Becky eloped with Mark, Roseanne went into full insult-slinging action. Roseanne is truly the MIL from hell. How to deal? Before you sprinkle arsenic in her cookies, have a talk with hubby. A good groomzilla would never let his mother blatantly insult his wife. If she persists, develop a whip-quick wit of your own. As long as you’re not the first one to throw the punches, she’s fair game.

psycho.jpgNorma Bates from Psycho This woman can’t handle her son’s coming of age. The over-mothering will commence the moment you’re promoted to fiance. She’s a space invader and will stop at nothing to make her mark on bridezilla territory. Be prepared for middle-of-the-night phone calls and unannounced visits. Set some boundaries and make them clear the moment she steps out of line. Example: “Hey, MIL, I know you were planning to take groomzilla underwear shopping today, but I would like to be the one to pick out his boxers. And I’d appreciate if you would not call past midnight. Your wilted hydrangea garden is not an emergency.”

Ann Landers The advice-giving MILzilla is harmless compared to the others. But if she suggests one more time that you switch laundry detergents or comes by to give another tetrazzini tutorial, you’re going to snap. A Landers-eske MIL reveals her overbearing side during the first stages of wedding planning. If she arrives to your home with a list of wedding djs or a catalog of wedding gifts, run. Actually, a simple thanks, but no thanks should do.

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