Most Expensive, Part 2: Costly Crowns and Tiaras


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It’s Friday and time for the second installment of our “Most Expensive” series.
Aaahh, tiaras: The quintessential bridezilla accessory. Although birdcage veils surpassed tiaras as this year’s wedding headpiece trend, tiaras are still beloved by brides everywhere. But look elsewhere if you can only afford costume crowns; there’s nothing thrifty about these tiaras.

Doggy Bridezilla

most expensive dog tiara.jpg
Only a true bridezilla would spend millions on a maltese. This 15-year-old pooch is wearing a $4.2 million dollar tiara. It’s made from titanium and adorned with more than 100 carat diamonds and 153 carats of emeralds. Until today, I didn’t think it was possible to envy a dog. Source: Pricy

Queen Victoria’s Emerald and Diamond Tiara

After gazing at this Emerald and Diamond masterpiece, I’m reconsidering my stance on tiaras. Bridezilla history brief: This tiara was one of Queen Victoria’s favorite jewelry pieces. It was designed by her husband, Prince Consort, one of the world’s first metrosexuals (I’m not going to get into signs your husband is metro, but designing tiaras is definitely one of them).

Italian Princess Tiara

most expensive tiara.jpg
In 2007, this tiara sold for more than $2 million – a record price. That’s right – this beauty costs less than the dog tiara! It features an 8-carat pear-shaped center diamond and comes from the collection of an Italian Princess. We’ll take it.

The Poltimore Wedding Tiara

the poltimore tiara.jpg
The late Princess Margaret wore this crown at her wedding. It’s a wonder she was able to hold her head up. Adding to its magnificence, it can be converted to a necklace or set of brooches. A Chinese collector bought it in 2006 for $1.7 million.

The Leviev Tiara

tiara the leviev.jpg
Lastly, the luxurious Leviev tiara. It’s my personal favorite because of the pretty petal motif. And the six marquis-shaped diamonds, totaling 13.76 carats don’t hurt either. The only trouble? Tiaras are meant to be accessories. Wear this and you’ll detract from your wedding gown.
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