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Masked Bride in Venice

The Renaissance never goes out of style as the fantasy-come-true spirit of Venetian masquerade balls continue to sweep across popular culture and, of course, weddings.  Step into a world of mystery, seduction and flirtation as reality bends, identities blend and an air of carnival takes over.

Amp up the intrigue and enchantment with a truly spectacular Venetian-style mask.  Whether dancing over the canals of Venice or celebrating your moment in a vibrant garden, a mask can add layers of allure to any wedding.

Masked Bride in Venice

Once the mask comes out to play, inhibitions shy away.  A shaded face, yet expressive eyes and the hint of a playful smirk can enhance the atmosphere of a bridal ball instantly.  Forget playing it safe at your wedding, take a cue from Truman Capote and throw the party to end all parties as he did in 1966 with his famously lavish Black and White Ball (image two).

Masked brides

If a modern twist is what you’re after, a recent episode of Gossip Girl brings a softly romantic glow with a golden mask; a perfect complement to a white dress without being overtly noticeable.  A festival mask doesn’t always have to be plumes of feathers, oversize gems and look like it was rolled through the glitter factory.  It can be, but it can also be sleek, chic and understated with neutral tones, slight shimmer and finished off with cutouts to reveal a bit more skin.  Take it to show-stopper levels or keep it low-key, either way, the masquerade ball mask is a bridezilla’s best friend.

Masquerade Gossip Girl

4 thoughts on “Queen of Style: Masquerade-inspired Brides”

  1. My friend had a masquerade wedding last year and it was a fantastic day! She had her mask made specially for her, and she got it to match her colour scheme perfectly!
    Definitely not a wedding I’ll forget in a hurry!
    (She did pick up a few extra masks for those who inevitably forgot to bring their own!)


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