Smart Ass Thongs: The Cheekiest Bridesmaids Gifts


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Scented candles? So over it. Drawer sachets? Spare us. This week, Bridezilla is proud to present our new favorite bridesmaid gifts: stylish thongs from the Smart Ass Gals. After all, on the Big Day your ladies are sporting pinched, powdered and pinked complexions, but it’s up to Bridezilla to spruce up her bridesmaids’ second set of cheeks. How? As the Smart Gals logo puts it, with “some inspirational sass for your fantastic ass.” Loves it!
What Bridezilla adores about these bridesmaid gifts is that-not only is each thong deliciously comfortable-but they are also each inscribed with a special sassy catchphrase or nickname to reflect the individual personalities of the smart, savvy women in Bridezilla’s bridesmaid set. Practical gifts, instantly personalized!? Yes please! Your bridesmaids will thank you every time they pump gas in low-rises. Bridezilla’s got one for each of your ladies, so please enjoy the (ahem) spread at Smart Ass. Psst, we couldn’t resist mentioning there’s one for Bridezilla! DSCN0547.jpg

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