Swoon List: Was The Tassimo Awe-ssimo?


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tassimo brewing system.jpgI’m many things. A bridezilla. A lover of Mexican food. A frequenter of Banana Republic.
I’m also a super coffee snob.
When the very-nice people at Tassimo sent me their cool coffee brewer for review, I said I’d try it. The expectations soared. You mean me and my bridezilla underlings could drink lattes without having to run Carrie-style in stilettos to the local Starbucks? You mean I can have hot chocolate, tea, and cappuccinos out of the SAME machine? You mean I can train my boston terrier to be a Tassimo barista?

Tassimo Perks

tassimo brewer.JPG
Ok, you can’t teach a dog to use it, but it is simple. Slip in a T-Disc. Press big button. Wait and watch. The T-Discs are ultra convenient. No filters. No spilling grounds all over your floor. And they’re practically adorable.
The Tassimo scans a barcode on the T-Disc and makes the drink desired. It’s Einstein brilliant. Newton smart. Billy Gates innovative.
And there are t-discs in every hot drink imaginable: cappuccino, Tazo tea, espresso, etc.

Tassimo Taste Test

tassimo t discs.jpg
The Tassimo passed the ingenuity test and failed the taste test. The lattes were too watery. I can’t totally blame the Tassimo. I’ve developed a taste for the finer things in life by drinking artisan coffee ever since I was a wee bridezilla.
The Tassimo doesn’t make the type of latte that you’ll drive 20 minutes out of your way to get. In manual mode, it pours the type of latte a bridezilla would dump out after a few disgusted sips. After fiddling with customized mode, the cappuccino went from undrinkable to just ok.
It’s the kind of coffee you’d drink when you’re at the office and can’t get the lowly intern to make a coffee run. That said, the Tazo tea was reasonable. And I still have high hopes for the hot cocoa.
A Tassimo home brewing system costs $129 and the T-Discs run about $8.99 per 16 pack.
Would I register for it? Honestly – being the spoiled Seattle coffee drinker I am – probably not. Swoon list grade: a middle-of-the road C.

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