Ten Elegant Wedding Favors Under $5-Really!


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Like the sound of ten truly tasteful wedding favors-all at palatable prices, no less? Lucky you! Bridezilla has just finished combing the blogosphere on your behalf, carefully critiquing all the so-called “classy” and “unique” wedding favors out there. After much exhaustive research, she found the only ten good ones in the whole world.
True, Miss B has a bridezilla-sized budget to go with her big wedding dreams, but why waste money on gifts that aren’t even for you? On that note, check out Bridezilla’s ten truly elegant wedding favors under $5 -no “grate couple” cheese graters or heart shaped salt shakers in sight!

1. Crystal Perfume Bottle-only $2.75
crystal_perfume_bottle.jpg Shimmering multifaceted crystal anyone? This chic perfume bottle is pristine beauty, personified. The only thing more stunning is the gorgeous gift box it comes in!

If you’re a fan of fuchsia satin (who isn’t), you’ll love this sumptuously swaddled wedding favor and its classic silver heart box, all topped off by a perfect crystal heart.
From the silver accented crystal heart perched on top to the graceful glass applicator, we can’t wait to give our Ralph Lauren Romance its proper home.
2. Pearl Spreading Knife-$2.50ka-spread_the_love_roses.jpg With this set of two gorgeous stainless steel spreaders, Bridezilla can have her Beluga and Brie and eat it too! These beautiful silvery knives blend perfectly into their pearlescent handles, guaranteeing you’ll be invited to many wine and cheese parties to come! Presented in a stylish black velvet- lined box, these wedding favors are wrapped and ready to go.
3. Tiffany-esque Candy Box-$3.50. tiffany_square_box_with_ribbon_small.jpgNothing brightens a Bridezilla’s mood like cheery blue boxes tied up with strings-a few of our favorite things for sure! True they may not actually be designer, but with the signature turquoise and the sweet candy morsels nestled inside, this wedding favor will do the trick faster than you can say “Tiffany me!” Even if isn’t the real thing, we guarantee your guests will hang on to this fun concept favor-and savor the sweet treat inside!
4. Classic Manicure Kit-$1.95 manicure-set.jpg How perfect is this petite manicure kit-at an amazingly affordable price no less! In the metrosexual age, this manicure kit is a great gift for both stylish fellers and females who want to keep their cuticles cared- for on business trips or big nights on the town. Best of all, you can probably score both shiny silver pouches for yourself!
5.Chrome Ice Cream Scoop-$3.50ice-cream-scoop.jpg. Let it never be said Bridezilla doesn’t have a sentimental side. We may not like things that are tacky or gimmicky, but we can certainly appreciate the nostalgic charm of an old-fashioned ice cream scoop. This is one of those great wedding favors that is elegant and also something people want but never buy themselves. Brilliant!
6. Elegant Wedding Tissues-k$3.50. white_satin_white_tissues2.jpgOkay, ignore the corny poem. The point is, one time Bridezilla went to a wedding in the dog days of summer (some awful Indiana jungle venue) and her eyes and nose ran uncontrollably. She sneezed and sniffled through the whole ceremony, having forgotten to tuck her signature Scarlett O’Hara handkerchief into her cleavage. It was hideous! So, if you don’t want your vows serenaded by Sneezy the Seven Dwarf, invest in these lovely wedding tissues, cased demurely in a beautiful satin refillable holders.Pretty and preventative!
7. Lovely Crystal Candleholders-$2.75 butterflycandle2.jpg Add some chic style to your guests’ mantles and bathtubs with this sophisticated wedding luminarieshttp://www.favorsbyserendipity.com/favors_product_pages/p-cdl-7800-fc.html. These are the kind of tasteful trinkets Bridezilla loves amassing, versatile and festive! Comes with a candle in a cute white box. Whee!
8. Hydrangea Gift Boxes-$4.50 hydrangea_box3.jpg Indeed, Bridezilla is not averse to a little color when it comes to wedding favors. As long as you pick carefully, it is absolutely possible to find an elegant wedding favor with a pretty shot of color. These classy candy-filled hydrangea boxes-with their trio of gorgeous lilac florets flitting across the top-are a perfect example. Stuffed with your choice of white almonds or white sugar coated chocolate hearts, everyone will delight in these glossy wedding favors and the yummy feast inside.
9. Classic Victorian Key Bottle Opener-$1.95. key-bottle-opener.jpg With thee chrome matte finish and intricate design, we think this is one of the most interesting wedding favors of all. Doubling as an opener and an object d’arte, you can leave this artistically placed on a desk or hanging on a wall, then impress your guests by whipping it out to crack open the booze!

10. Wine-themed Salt and Pepper Shakers-$1.95.
saltnpepa2.jpg We think these tiny little salt and paper shakers with their festive wine art are just the best wedding favor ever! Original, artistic and useful, your guests will thank you for bringing a splash of style to their dining experience. Comes in a clear box tied with a white ribbon.
All of these fabulous wedding favors and more can be found at this amazing site we found, www.favorsbyserendipity. We highly recommend it compared to the other wedding favor websites we found.

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