The Best Bridesmaid Gifts For A Holiday Wedding


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Don’t give your girlfriends some cheap trinket with their name scrawled across it – Bridezilla, darling, you’re better than that. Bridesmaid gifts should be fun, unique, and way more personal than a dime store trinket box or velour Juicy-ripoff monstrosity with BRIDESMAID bedazzled across the back in unmistakably faux Swarovski. Check out the sexiest, most non-cliche bridesmaid gifts here, or simply use this guide for a few ideas on what to get your very best girls this holiday season…

1. A whole palette of glittery essentials. It’s no secret that we like our lives with an overdose of shine, so why not spread it around? Give your bridesmaids gifts that can keep them shimmery, glittery, smoke, neutral, natural, or dramatic for every occasion from the engagement party to the big day. We like the Tarte We Wish You Wealth palette for the dizzying multitude of shades offered, the bold and beautiful Too Faced Lights, Camera, Glamour! Set, and the ultra-classy Smashbox Platinum Surge Set (pictured).

2. Something small yet fabulous. Bridezillas on a budget can still splurge on something gorgeous for their best girls. It’s no secret that we’re nuts about high-end everything, but especially when it comes to bridesmaid gifts, there’s something to be said for giving one fine piece that they can carry for years, even if it’s little. They’ll get decades of use out of a Coach Bleeker Leather Mini Skinny or wedding reception-perfect Legacy Stripe Wristlet. Kate Spade fans might consider the Canvas Holly business/credit card case or quirkier Fillmore Street Piggy Bank Coin Pouch. Is your low-budget not quite that low? Imagine how amazing it would look to have a line of bridesmaids each sporting the adorable Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Mini Sac HL (pictured at the top).

3. One-of-a-kind jewels and precious metals. Tired bridesmaid jewelry like freshwater pearls and fake silver can seriously detract from the overall look of your wedding party. Don’t risk it when you’ve got Etsy and their seemingly limitless selection of gorgeous and unique jewelry – we like these chic-yet-sweet Snow Blossom earrings or the modern and customizable silver Quotation Bracelet (pictured) with room enough for inside jokes, each bridesmaid’s full name, or a pledge that you’ll always show up for girls’ poker night. (Looking for more handmade inspiration? We heart etsy wedding.)

4. A bottle of pink vodka. Pink sparkling vodka liquor – outside of “80% off Marc Jacobs sale”, we can’t think of a combination of words we like better. Kelly tipped us off to this one, and we think it’s just about as fabulous as a bridesmaid gift can get. Forget the tired whiskey and a plaid flask your groom is getting for all his groomsmen and upgrade this for the ladies with a sleek bottle of Nuvo and a saucy silver cherry-bedecked flask to tuck into their handbags on your next girls night out.

5. That fabulous handbag/cocktail dress/pair of shoes/sparkly brooch she’s been eyeing at your favorite local designer boutique…for a steal. If you have a bridesmaid who serves as confidant, BFF, and ultimate shopping buddy, reward her loyalty by picking up that fabulous whatever-it-is she’s been lusting after for a bargain price by simply consulting some of the very best sales online. You know her well enough to know her shoe size, dress size, and preferred handbag shape, so use that knowledge and spring for the Stam or pick up the python Jimmy Choos that she’s been eyeing since you last pilgramiged to Saks. Trust us, nothing says I love you like paying attention.

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