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In their quest for “romance,” Bridezillas are often forced to choose between sharing their honeymoons with pasty, speedo-clad tourists or drinking their weight in Malibu rum at some HoneymoonsRUs all-inclusive resort. What happened to truly uncultivated, exotic scenery and smoldering, uninhibited abandon with the one you love? You don’t have to pay a fortune at Turtle Island to experience this sort of Adam and Eve exhilaration. Below, Bridezilla reveals the most remote, romantic honeymoon destination that will make you the winner of all your Bride Wars.

Experience the unspoiled sensuality of Vietnam

Hello Mrs Saigon-zilla! For a honeymoon you’ll be talking about long after you traded in your scooters for his and hers rocking chairs, visit Vietnam. Bridezillas-in-the-know flock to this up-and-coming honeymoon destination for its pristine waters, unspoiled beaches, and verdant forests. Thanks to recent innovations, Vietnam has sexy resorts that are way less Platoon and way more Blue Lagoon. Plus, you’ll get mad props for not going the traditional (see boring) Bermuda route.
halong27.jpgMust Do: Junk Cruise Halong Bay
No, cruising a junk ship doesn’t mean you’re going to be pushing garbage around on a barge. A junk ship is an ancient Chinese sailing vessel and more breathtaking than your newest pair of Manolos. You and your new spouse can snuggle in a private cabin while taking in fews of Halong Bay. On some junk ship cruises, you can rent out a kayak for a better view of sea caverns and wildlife.
benthan2.jpgMust Shop: Ben Thanh Market
As the largest city in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City (commonly known as Saigon) boasts some serious shopping. But if you only have time for a one-stop shop, let it be at Ben Thanh Market. Located downtown, it is universally recommended as the end-all, be-all for scoring cool collectibles and bargain souvenirs. With over 300 stalls, you’ll find knock off-designer purses, fresh from the sea eel, and even some odd curiosities, like snake wine. Since you are after all, on your honeymoon, don’t desert your new hubby and battle for bags, stroll through the market together and find furniture for your new nest.
Must Eat: Everything
What’s more romantic than sharing a bowl of Pho with your beloved? Vietnam is known throughout the world for Asian and French culinary delights. To get a taste of Paris without ever leaving Saigon, step into La Fourchette French Restaurant. And to sample traditional Vietnamese fare and seafood, step into Cha Ca La Vong, known as a rite of passage for tourists. After the honeymoon, you and your husband will be saying, “oh pho sho’,” in no time.

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