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Happy holidays bridezilla beauties! If you’re looking for a last-minute gift for the bridezilla to keep her organized and cut down on those “zilla” moments, the myAgenda (from momAgenda) is it.
Just look at mine. It’s tickled pink, sparkly and personalized for bridezilla in silver (swoon!).
Designed by the makers of the momAgenda, a super-chic planner carried by a-list celebrity moms, the myAgenda is the planner for any lady leading a fast-paced lifestyle of cocktail parties and climbing the corporate ladder (ahem).
Open it and there’s a week-at-a-view calendar along with four extra planning spaces. Those come in handy when you’re meeting with wedding vendors and want to make a side note that the guy is a jerk. Or that you need a manicure. Or that your future mother-in-law is coming into town and you need to buy a lump of coal gift.
Oops, I still need to buy my mother-in-law a gift!
The myAgenda makes a great wedding planner because it’s not designed specifically for wedding planning. Bridezillas have been known to carry giant wedding binders, stuffed to the brim with torn pages of magazines and swatches. Downsize with a myAgenda – it is sleek, portable, and dare we suggest glamorous? The momAgenda and myAgenda are fabulous!

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