The Celebrity Showcase of Zuhair Murad


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He already stole our Bridezilla hearts by becoming the latest member of our ‘Label Lust’ hall of fame, and since he has become a staple of the red carpet in just a few short years, it’s only fitting that we showcase his incredibly embellished gowns as chosen by Hollywood’s starlets.  Zuhair Murad’s couture price point may be just a tad out of reach, but that’s not really the point.  These are the types of dresses that you let waltz into your dreams, sashay around a while and finally combust into a cascade of sparkles, compressed powder dust and false eyelashes to reveal the ultimate bridal gown that was meant for you.

*Remember, bridal gowns do not always have to be traditional and white.  Be a bridezilla; wear what you want!


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    • I completely agree! There’s been some chatter about how similar it looks to a dress Dior created in 1949, but regardless, it’s stunning.


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