The Finer Things in Life: The World's Most Expensive Cocktails


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Pricey cocktails combine two of the things that we like the most in life: expensive shiny status-y things and liquor. While some of more extravagant cocktails are so priced due to their inclusion of crystal-cut rocks and stones, we prefer our drinks off the rocks with rings blue-boxed and presented on one knee. If your honeymoon is taking you to one of these corners of the world and you’re absolutely unbearably filthy rich, consider stopping at one of these fine establishments to partake of their finest concoctions. Hangovers have never been so glamorous (or wallet-lightening).

Merchant Mai Tai: If you’re ever in Belfast, stop in at the Merchant Hotel for this drink, but do it soon – due to the rarity of the ingredients, only fifteen of these cocktails will ever be sold. The Merchant has one of only six bottles worldwide of the lauded liquor Wrey and Nephew Rum, a fine spirit that’s been cooling its heels for seventeen years while it aged, and with fresh lime juice, Dutch orange curacao and the flavor of French almonds, it creates a cocktail that’ll set you back almost $1500.
Minted: Honeymoon in Dublin anyone? Stay at the five-star College Green Hotel and have one of these $700 libations, a sweet treat with vanilla-infused vodka, 200-year-old cognac, real flakes of 24 karat gold and chocolate truffles on the side in case you don’t feel sinful enough.
Ritz Sidecar: This cocktail (pictured) comes from the Bar Hemingway in Paris – and darling, if you’re already in Paris, why not go all out? With this $515 combination of cointreau, lemon juice, and 1834 cognac, you’ll not only be chilling in one of the world’s most fabulous locations, you’ll be drinking something truly rare and fine while you’re there. We recommend pincurls and red lipstick, because if you can’t pretend you’re Zelda Fitzgerald now, then when, we ask you, when?
Duvet Platinum Passion: No European trips in your near future? Stay stateside with this cocktail at New York’s Duvet, featuring L’esprit de Courvoisier, Ruinart champagne, and a special syrup containing passionfruit, berries, wildflower honey and brown sugar. It certainly sounds tasty, and for $1500, we’d say that it most certainly better be.

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