The Tastiest Winter Wedding Treat


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December’s almost here and our fancies have turned to thoughts of snowfall, hothouse roses, and gleaming winter whites. Though our hearts lie with summer, we’ve been romanced before by winter weddings, with boughs of pine and golden bells and mistletoe everywhere. We love these things almost as much as one of our chief indulgences: a really good cup of hot chocolate. When it comes to cocoa, we’re serious about our spicy Aztec blends, and the two thoughts together have us contemplating a genius union: the winter wedding hot chocolate station.

So you may not be able to swing a Frozen Haute Chocolate for every guest, but really, no one should have to settle for Swiss Miss. Accessorize your reception with a hot chocolate station, preferably place attractively in front of a window through which you can watch the snowfall. Deliciousness plus a photo op? Yes please.

The best way to find great hot chocolate worthy of a Bridezilla-level wedding is simply to look around until you find a gourmet shop willing to cater for you – once you have, consider covering a few more bases and ordering additional sweets along with your hot chocolate. New Yorkers may consult A Sip for Apres-Whatever for tips, but if you’re not local or willing to fly in hot chocolate, try the best bakeries in the nearest city until you find the most satisfying option. Unless you have truly amazing chocolate, offer guests a few options, from the standard to a nice peppermint or caramel hot chocolate. And under no circumstances should you forget the bowl of marshmallows – handmade, if you can swing it.

If you like your wedding refreshments a little less family friendly, check out this article on the best hot drinks to warm up with. Mmm, spiced rum apple cider. We also like this article on Stocking the bar for Christmas bashes – with suggestions like candied wild hibiscus flowers to drop in your champagne, you might find some last-minute party ideas you hadn’t thought of. Delicious!

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