Top 5 Most Breathtaking Bridal Gowns of All Time


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Organza. Taffeta. Tulle. Some people swoon at the site of magnificent art, but for Bridezillas, it’s all about the dress. These five clips draw from history, cinema and cartoon culture to unveil the most extravagant, most fabulous, and most ridiculously expensive bridal gowns in existence. Keep an ambulance on call just in case you faint from all the fabulousness.

5Funny Face

There’s nothing funny about this famous ballerina-length bridal gown, it’s simply stunning. Who wears a bridal dress better than Audrey Hepburn? No one. But please stop crying Audrey, you’re getting tears all over it.


Sure, the outdated fairytale plot might make you heave. But her ball gown actually twinkles when she twirls. And no, those aren’t sequins. That’s dress magic.
Three more jaw-dropping wedding gowns after the jump, so keep reading!

3Sex and the City, the Movie

Once you get past that unsightly frock in the beginning, it’s Bridezilla eye candy from there. This clip contains so many glorious gowns, it’s hard to pick a fave. But which one is fairest of them all? That pretty pink Christian Lacroix. Yum.

2Marie Antoinette

We say, “oui, oui” to these glorious gowns. Not to mention the shoes. And the bows. And all those ringlets. Warning: you might develop an intense craving for chocolate-covered strawberries after this viewing this clip.

1Princess Diana

This sumptuous gown and the Princess are enough to make you cry. No wonder this is the most-watched wedding video of all time. The train is a record 25-feet long! Kudos to the bridesmaids who helped her walk down the aisle. And must we say Mariah Carrey’s copycat dress is not nearly as impressive as the original.

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